Track Martians is an American collective of songwriters, record producers, musicians, and recording artists based out of Los Angeles, CA. With headquarters located in the heart of Studio City, California, Track Martians is composed of three internal divisions: Track Martians Productions, Top Notch Recordings LA, and Track Martians Street Team. The conflagrant camp began to create a variety of music genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Trapsoul, Alternative Rock, Urban, and New Adult Contemporary. The group has also lent their writing and production to records for Brandy, Jhene Aiko, Chris Brown, Malcolm Kelly, Agina Alvarez, and Trace Kennedy.


In 2014, The Track Martians released their debut single "Aint Got Time” by Anjaleia which charted #13 on the iTunes independent charts first week. After releasing two follow-up singles “I Got It” and “Boomerang”, Anjaleia landed a distribution deal through InGrooves/Universal. Brookelyn released her debut single “Gemini” in November of 2015, creating such a buzz, the music video was added to every Sheik Shoe’s store in America for the month of December. Company CEO and Lead Songwriter, has became a Los Angeles household name for his work as the Lead Songwriter of the Track Martians. Releasing his first single in 5 years in Febraury 2016, EJ has became one of LA’s most commonly demanded independent artist.


Also, The Track Martians or Martians as they are often referred too, consist of 3 artists who tour locally within the California perimeters, racking up  blog placements and attending radio shows regularly. Some previous supporters have been, Jack Thriller, Dope Cause We Said, etc.


Track Martians do more than just meet the eyes, with a full piece staff organizing and distributing many services including production, career consultations, engineering, social media management & marketing, videography, graphic design, and even hosting two of Los Angeles’s #1 rated showcases: Battle of the Valley and Yo LA Raps. The talented clan has established themselves as a leading musical pioneer in California, helping to develop new unsigned artist, and create platforms for artist to take their careers to the next level.

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