AJ Watson (AKA AJ of Nazareth) is a young Hip-Hop and R&B producer from Columbus Ohio. After playing MTV Music Generator on ps2 at 9 years old, AJ began to impress people with the intricate beats he would make on the classic video game, hoping to emulate the sound of his hero Kanye West. While showing protégé-esque characteristics making beats, his oldest brother took notice and invested in FL Studio 6 for the young AJ and he hasn't looked back since. 10 years later the obsession continues AJ of Nazareth has produced for several artists in the LA area as well as his hometown central Ohio/Columbus area and has performed multiple times including on campus at The Ohio State University and in Columbus' downtown arena district.  His smooth, uplifting, sample based style of production has gained the attention of many young artist and he is in LA to prove it! Click HERE to listen or purchase production!


Born in the Windy City, Kanchantz developed a strong passion for music. Like any black kid from the westside of Chicago Kanchantz started off rapping but the influence of his parents expanded his ears beyond the genre of hip hop. Old records from the 70s and 80s played throughout household. It wasn't until 1999 when he witnessed footage of Timbaland in the studio, Kanchantz set his heart on producing. Since then he's gained more influences from Pharell Williams to Han Zimmer. Well into his 20s he's now developed an artsy sound that's found it place within the Track Martians camp. Click HERE to listen or purchase production!


Photo-Nox meaning 'Light in the Darkness' something like a star. Photo (for short) began rapping at the age of 14. Growing into music, he then began engineering and producing more at later stages. Some listeners would used to think he is 'cocky' and while some listeners still do, he would rather just let his fans and music speak for itself. In addition he is now the Head Audio Engineer for Top Notch Recordings-LA, crafting the sound of Los Angeles. Remember, "if it don't knock it ain't Photo-Nox." Click HERE to listen or purchase production!


Producer Gal is a 27 year old record producer working and studio recording engineer from Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in producing urban music (hip-hop, neo soul, pop, rap). She incorporates a lot of jazz style sounds into her production giving it that old school vibe while still staying modern. She is influenced by Quincy Jones, Motown, Kanye West, J.Cole, Justice League, and more. She has worked with big names such as HS87, Chief Keef, Sony ATV, & more. Keep your eyes out and ears open for this young lady and the music she has to bring to the table. Click HERE to listen or purchase production!


Originally from Los Angeles California, Jason moved around the country and spent eight years in Chicago before coming back to Los Angeles. Jason came to Track Martians initially as a videographer and graphic artist/animator. After spending some time around the producers, he moved on to become a producer himself. His main influences in music is old school hip hop. Click HERE to listen or purchase production!

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